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Butterworth your time

The tropical port town of Butterworth is one the oldest urban settlements in Malaysia, having been established by the British colonial administration almost two centuries ago. The relatively idyllic and unchanged pace of life it is known for belies the town’s significance in the history of the region. For with its diverse cultures, streetscapes and landmarks, Butterworth has evolved to become a microcosm not just of life in the state of Penang but also of the multifarious essence of peninsular Malaysia itself.

It is timely then that Think City and Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (Seberang Perai Municipal Council or MPSP) are now collaborating on the Butterworth Baharu (New Butterworth) programme. The initiative aims to strengthen the local environment, and enhance the tangible and intangible urban assets of this important secondary city.

Butterworth is verily poised for a wave of rejuvenation and “reintroduction” of sorts - for its long-held secrets to be finally told and its colourful riches to be revealed anew to the rest of the world. Take a journey today and unlock the trove of surprises in the rich cultural landmarks, delicious fuss-free food and vibrant flea market. You may be pleasantly surprised that Butterworth is indeed worth your time to explore.